Stirrup & Green offer free no obligation quotes

Most small jobs, such as leaking taps, are relatively easy to predict (1 hour only). However, there are some jobs, such as changes to bath taps which are notorious in taking longer than expected – or hoped!

We will tell you as near as possible at the start, what we expect the job to cost and will make sure that we communicate with you as the job progresses, so that you can make informed decisions and there are no nasty surprises at the end. Half days and full days are full 4 and 8 hours. Any breaks we take are not calculated in the end price. All prices are inclusive of VAT. Full estimates and quotations for larger jobs are free and without obligation.

Working hours are Monday to Friday, from 8am to 8pm
The first hour is £45, 2 hours is £70 and 3 hours is £90.
A half day (4 hours) is £110
A full day (8 hours) is £180

The first hour rate for emergency call outs is:
Mon to Fri 8pm – 8am = £90
Saturdays 8am – 8pm = £90
Sundays, Bank Holidays = £120
Saturdays 8pm – 8am = £120
Hourly rates thereafter are £45. However, we are more likely to take only 1 hour in the emergency period to temporarily resolve the issue and then return when hourly rates are cheaper.